Why Club 300?

Don't push yourself alone – everyone needs support and motivation.

Few people can afford a personal trainer every time they walk into a gym.

But it’s hard to push yourself alone – everyone needs support and motivation.

This is what Club 300 does.

Club 300 Members

Our members range from gym novices to triathletes, but they all share the same desire. To get stronger and healthier in a place they feel comfortable.

We have created unique group sessions that never have more than 10 members. So instead of getting lost in a giant class - where no one knows what you really need – you’ll have direct contact with experienced personal trainers.


Flexible Membership

You will be shown how to lift properly every time. So you can push as hard as you want without worrying about getting injured.

And you will be encouraged to work hard but at your own pace. Our variety of sessions allows you to find your ideal route to looking and feeling better.

Sessions not your thing? No problem. Our flexible membership options mean you can work out by yourself, plugged into your favourite tunes, knowing a personal trainer is always around.

On top of that we offer

  • 1-1 personal training for the ultimate workout
  • Our exclusive Buddy sessions. Personal training shared between two people - providing twice the motivation at half the price
  • Nutrition Consultations. Created specifically to work with your lifestyle
  • Our strict limit of 300 members means you’ll be part of a large family.  Sharing the same ambitions, but always treated as individuals.

“Bigger gyms tend to be very shiny but very anonymous. Club 300 does it a different way. All the instructors know my first name – that matters a lot”

Simon Thomas - member since 2016