The Only Core Workout You Need For 2019!

Core 100 V2

Core 100 V2 at Club 300 Perth!

Mike Lindsay, owner at Club 300 Gym in Perth, Scotland takes us through a simple yet effective way to build solid abs in 2019!


Mike created a Core 100 routine that many of his clients have been doing for years to maintain core strength. It is a tough but simple routine that’s easy to remember and can be done anywhere, and of course when we create repeatable processes that are time efficient, they tend to work really well as they are sustainable.


After years it was time for a change, so here is a short video of Core 100 V2!

What you need to do

10 of the first 3 exercises followed by 10 seconds rest. repeat the same process for 8, 6, 4 and 2 reps. Your rest becomes less each time also, so when you do 8 reps of each exercise you take only 8 seconds rest and so on.

Finally, you finish with 20 spidermans (10 each side) which is the last exercise shown in the video.

Complete all reps slow and in control, thinking about engaging your abdominals throughout the full range. Too often, people want to rush core work but time under tension and focusing on the job at hand will always provide the best and safest burn!

Note 1: Aim to keep your lower back on the floor. It shouldn’t arch away from the floor… if this is happening the movement needs regressed/simplified to allow you to progress.

Disclaimer: If you are unsure of the suitability of any exercise due to injury or health you should always seek advice prior to participating.


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