Customer Satisfaction Survey Responses


We asked our members in December to complete a satisfaction survey for us.

Here’s what you told us and what changes will be implemented in the coming weeks!

Does Club 300 meet your expectations? In your opinion, are there any ways we could improve the club or services?

Many different aspects of the club were mentioned within this question with lots of important issues raised. On the whole, we received some great feedback, showing us we’re still providing the service and experience we set out to offer upon opening in 2015. Of course, there is always room to improve. Here are the comments we received and the ways in which we plan to address them.

Car park & access road 

We know that the access road to the car park has many potholes. We have been working for some months to have this rectified. This road belongs to the council and meetings have been held between ourselves, the council and local residents to reach a solution. These processes can take some time and while we understand it’s frustrating, we’re doing what we can to have it repaired. You can help us with this by contacting the council to report the issues. Click here to do this via the council website. You can also contact local councillor Willie Wilson. Not only is the quality of the road itself an issue, but lighting, traffic and parked cars by the junction are also a safety issue. This is something which could also be highlighted in correspondence to the council.

With a busy club comes a busy car park. To help alleviate congestion during peak hours, we have allowed for 15 minutes between each group training session finishing and the next beginning. We also, in response to a couple of requests, plan to have lines painted this spring so spaces are clearly marked.

Booking system, waiting lists

We’ve had an online booking system in place since day one. Our membership management system has released a new app – FitSense – allowing booking group training sessions to become simpler and quicker. With this app comes a notification feature, informing members when a space becomes available in a session. Remember you just use your existing login details. This is great timing considering we’ve received a few requests for such a feature. Job done 🙂

Opening times & Group Training formats

During January, we trialled the addition of a 6.30am session Monday to Friday. This has proved very popular, so will become a permanent feature of the timetable while usage remains high. This also means the club is open from 6.30am each weekday for gym users too, increasing opening hours further.

We received feedback mentioning certain group training sessions becoming repetitive towards the end of the 3 month programme. We’ve therefore decided to rotate the session formats every 2 months, followed by one month during which coaches have the freedom to implement various formats. Within the Spring programme, we’ve given the coaches scope to show their creative sides within both the HIIT and Endurance sessions, while always remaining true to the fundamentals of the programme.

We think it’s important to highlight here that Form sessions are brilliant for our new members and beginners. We had a response asking for classes for new members. During Form, we focus on technique and movement patterns, keeping the session format simple and focused on learning. This isn’t to say that more experienced users won’t learn from Form sessions too. We’re all able to make improvements!

Gym floor

Water coolers and treadmills have been asked for by a couple of respondents. It’s unlikely that we’ll have a treadmill, firstly due to the space it would take up, and secondly because we believe in a more functional training method. We’re great believers in running outdoors if you like to run. We do offer other kit which offers less impact on joints and can provide advice on how to use the kit within the club to create a HIIT or cardio-based workout. Should our space ever extend, we would consider all possibilities!

On the water cooler front – we simply prefer to use the space we have for as much equipment and training space as we can provide. Drinking water is available in the changing rooms and at reception, along with bottled water which can be purchased.

Extras & events for 2018

When we first opened in 2015, we did not open on a Sunday. We did, however, run a monthly Sunday Sesh available to both members and non members at no cost. This was a great opportunity to get everyone together and do something a little different. Now that we open Sundays 11-2, we continue to offer an events calendar to maintain the community aspect of our club. Many of these sessions are at no cost when run within the club by our own team. We do also offer optional events elsewhere, such as Ryze trampolining park and our Christmas night out. These events allow us to socialise and build friendships outwith the gym environment. There will be other services available to you throughout the year, such as yoga and Movement Method workshops, which are out with your membership costs. We ask other professionals to provide these sessions for you to ensure you’re receiving the best teaching and advice. We believe by providing the space for these workshops, our members can choose to broaden their knowledge and try something different.

Belongings in the gym & lockers

Quite a few respondents mentioned that during group training sessions, the number of bags, items of clothing and phones which are left on the gym floor/on top of equipment has increased. We would therefore ask all members to leave all jackets, jumpers, bags, phones and keys in the changing rooms provided to keep the gym space as free from clutter as possible and to prevent damage to personal items. There are both lockers (padlock required) and pegs available there. Lockers should only be used during your gym visit and left available for others. The wooden sills under the mirrors on the gym floor are perfect spots for bottles too 🙂 We will be adding extra pegs to the changing rooms where required.

Group Personal Training – not classes! 😉 

We know we confused you a little by referring to “classes” as group PT sessions. Sorry about that! We felt we were shortchanging ourselves a little. In our opinion, it’s impossible to classify small group sessions for a maximum of 10, led by qualified coaches providing quality training advice throughout as just a class. To us, classes are studios filled to the brim with many participants receiving very little by way of coaching.

We’ve now increased the number of Group Personal Training sessions we offer to 37 a week. For those looking for cost effective personal training in small groups, we don’t think this can be matched anywhere else.

For those who would be interested in a little more individual focus, we offer semi private personal training as well as one to one sessions. If you’re not sure what your options are or are concerned about your budget, speak to Karleen or Mike whenever you’re next in the club 🙂

What you love about Club 300 

Thankfully, we also received a lot of really positive feedback too! We’re so pleased that so many of you find Club 300 a friendly place to train with a good atmosphere. Many of you said that the club and the services we offer exceed expectations, with helpful staff and fantastic equipment. Importantly for us, you rated our quality of coaching as 92% excellent. Here’s a quick rundown of the basic elements that we asked you to rate.

Cleanliness 68% excellent
Equipment 80% excellent
Customer Service 84% excellent
Opening hours 48% excellent; 44% good
Value for money 50% excellent; 36% good
Knowledge of coaches 92% excellent
Group Training Timetable 44% excellent; 44% good
Gym challenges 44% excellent; 32% good

Thank you! 

We’d like to thank everyone who completed the survey. Your opinion is invaluable to us and we hope to always improve the service we offer. We’re always willing to listen to your feedback and make changes where we can.