Wow! 12 week transformation professional photos released!


Successful 12 week transformation completed!

Four members of Perth’s Exclusive Club 300 Gym and Personal Training Studio put in the hard work with some fantastic results.

Sometimes it’s a feat in itself finding the time to make it to the gym 3 to 4 times a week, but for these guys, a lot of hard work and dedication has paid off.

Gary, Liz, Leigh and Karleen began a strict 12 week training and nutrition programme with coach Mike Lindsay in August, training between 4 and 6 times a week and making sure their nutrition was on point every day.

You can read below how they found the experience and also check out their fantastic before and after photos and testimonials!

Gary’s Transformation was exceptional putting on some serious size!

                       gary-paterson-side-twist-transform           gary-paterson-back-transform

img_2784      img_2780

Signing up for the 12 Week Body Transformation with Club 300 has been one of the best decisions I have made. I’m not just saying that because I am writing a testimonial, or to be a nice gym member, or even trying to sell it to myself because I’ve completed it, this has genuinely made a lasting impression on me.

Throughout the 12 weeks I have stopped smoking, eaten nutritiously correct and healthy meals, made physical changes to appearance, gained strength, learned to make better food decisions, gained more energy and saved a lot of money.

It was a huge decision as it required a lot of discipline and determination to get results. There were time commitments, changes to habits, alterations to lifestyle, dietary adjustments and mental barriers – but it was never sold to us as being ‘easy’.

The programme, set by Mike, included the exercises, the timetable and nutritional guidance with calorie specific targets that we had to meet on a daily basis. This alone required discipline which forced correct decision making straight away. From the first day we were learning to make dietary changes.

Mike pushed us when we needed it (actually he pushed most of the time) but the support and advice from him, the Club 300 Team and the other transformation group members was fantastic. The small group environment created a supportive network that helped provide a constant drive to succeed and importantly made the 12 weeks fun.

I have completed the 12 weeks healthier, fitter, stronger, happier, with a tan (story for another day). I have achieved a physical goal I wouldn’t have not otherwise have achieved, I now have an understanding of nutrition, correct technique and built a strong foundation to develop further physical goals.

This is only the beginning and I owe it to Mike, the Club 300 team and the transformation group members.

Anyone with any form of fitness or health goal should contact Club 300, join the next transformation group and start making changes today! It has truly made a difference to my life.

Leigh’s Transformation was fantastic… losing 25.2lbs!

leigh-jackson-front-transform       leigh-jackson-back-transform

img_2775    img_2774

I wasn’t sure that I could complete the 12 week transformation with Mike as I’ve tried a few different ‘diets’ in the past but quickly realised this was a way to change my lifestyle not necessarily my diet. Looking back on the experience, it was a lot of fun and required a lot of dedication to plan my meals and workouts, but in doing so I have completely changed the way I live my life. Through the whole process Mike and the rest of the group were there to support when needed, and push when I needed pushing.

I am in better shape now than I’ve ever been and most importantly I know what to look for in foods and how to exercise different parts of my body. I would recommend this to anyone and Mike is the perfect man to do it with. He has the knowledge, experience and the gym set-up to take anyone through it large or small.

I would thoroughly recommend this to anyone even though its not cheap. Losing 25.2 pounds over a 12 week period and changing my body shape to the best it’s ever been and drastically changing my lifestyle – how much would you pay?

Liz’s Transformation saw another 18lbs off equaling 7% body fat!

liz-smith-side-twist-transform        liz-smith-back-transform


I FEEL FANTASTIC  –  and it only took 12 short weeks.  12 weeks ago I joined the Club 300 transformation group along with Leigh, Gary and Karleen.  Mike started us off with nutritional advice and training plans which were clearly explained as were the rules of the group.  The rules were very strict and there was no hiding – this was no holiday!!!!

No alcohol, no desserts, no biscuits, no sweets, no crisps, no cakes, no white bread, no white pasta and did I mention – NO ALCOHOL –  for 12 weeks.  What we got were macro targets and good clean eating.   That’s a tall order in anyone’s book but with a great deal of reinforcement from Mike we all stayed on track.  For me the group training with Mike was invaluable.  With his expertise I felt I was always training to my maximum capability but safely within my limits.  Although our individual goals and abilities were very different Mike catered for us all.  Training with such a small group keeps you focused – especially when you had to step on the scales on a Monday night.

At the end of 12 weeks I have gained more than I have lost.  I lost weight; I lost body fat but I gained confidence around the gym; I gained improved technique; I gained a much improved level of fitness and I gained nutrition knowledge.  In fact, what I gained was a new healthier lifestyle to take forward and build upon my success. Thank you so much Mike and also a big thank you to Leigh, Gary and Karleen for all your support throughout the 12 weeks.

Karleen’s Transformation saw her strength sky rocket and definition pop out!

karlleen-scrim-side-twist-transform       workout-shot-karleen-lat-pulldown

img_2776      14721544_720824961427105_2088112814318024009_n

As a member of staff at Club 300 (and the boss’ fiancee!), it’s important to me that members see me practising what I preach. I have enjoyed weight training for around 4 years now, but I found that after first seeing some big changes to my body, I became a bit more relaxed about my training and nutrition habits, knowing that I could probably get away with having the odd pizza, bar of chocolate or glass of wine. I decided to take on the 12 week transformation to put myself to the test again and see what happened when I really focused on eating well and training hard. Had I not had the support of Gary, Leigh, and Liz, I could easily have just given up and gone back to my old routine. Having a group of people there to hold you accountable and act as a support network made a big difference, as I didn’t want to let them down as well as myself.

My goal was to see some more definition and to try to increase my strength. In the 4 years I have trained, I have never been stronger! I went from deadlifting around 50-60kg for 10 reps to 80kg, and even managed a 100kg 1 rep max  – not far off double my bodyweight – which I was incredibly chuffed with! I can now also manage 4 or 5 chin ups where before I could only make one.

Besides improvements to my strength, I also had a lot more energy by cutting out the junk I would usually eat at the weekends and found I also saved quite a bit of money by creating weekly meal plans and prepping all of my food in advance.

I may be a little biased, but I would highly recommend Club 300 if you’re looking to make some changes to your lifestyle. We have lots of great testimonials and reviews from clients and members and something to suit people with a variety of budgets and other commitments to work around.


If you would like to make some changes to your lifestyle and fitness, pop up to the club and have a chat with one of our coaches who will be able to advise you as to all the options available to you, from personal training to gym membership and more. You’ll also find lots more information throughout the website and Facebook page.