The club will initially offer memberships until we reach 200 members. At this point, memberships will be on a referral basis so we can ensure our quality of service is not reduced and that our current members have the opportunity to provide input on how to further develop their club.

We have 3 main membership options:

Exclusive Membership – £39

Includes use of our powerful and innovative training space for those who like the gym more than classes.

Group Personal Training Membership – £40

Never use the gym and prefer classes? This is the membership for you! Attend any of our Octagon Group Training sessions. This membership is designed to fill the gap between personal training and classes. It’s taught in a group environment, with highly qualified Personal Trainers who will teach and correct technique and ensure progression to improve your ability across a variety of key fitness elements.

Group Personal Training will elevate your fitness knowledge and abilities, allowing you to apply the principles you are taught in a normal gym environment. Classes could cost you from as little as £1.86 per class!

Platinum Membership – £50

For those that want it all – full access to our training space and access to every one of our OctagonMax Group Training sessions!

Personal Training

Working with a Personal Trainer will lead you to
 faster and more effective results than training on your own. Personal Trainers will support, motivate and inspire you to 
reveal the body you have always wanted.

Our relationship with you doesn’t start and end with the workouts; we will support you seven days a week and 24 hours a day, if required! Check out some of our testimonials and our Introductory Personal Training & Nutrition offer.

Introductory PT & Nutrition – 4 sessions for £120

This is the first step for all of our clients. We spend some time in these sessions making sure you have the foundations in place to achieve the results you are after, including getting your nutrition right as well as covering the basics to improve your fitness.

Personal Training – £30 / £40 per session

Personal Training sessions are paid monthly, by Standing Order. As some months have 5 weeks in them this means that you will receive 1/2 price  sessions every other month as a thank you for training with us. The more sessions you sign up for, the more sessions you will get with a 50% discount!

Semi-Private Sessions – £20 per person (2-4 persons)

Training with a partner or in groups of 3 or 4 can help keep costs down and also keep you on track! With two of you taking part in each session, you have someone there to help encourage you and to compete against.

Additional Services

Nutritional Consultation – £40

60 minute consultation where we take body stat analyses to measure your vital readings including body fat percentage, muscle mass, water percentage and visceral fat. We will also discuss your current nutritional habits, create personal calorie (energy) and macronutrient targets, and set you up with an example of an eating plan to help you achieve your goals.

Nutritional Catch up – £25

30 minute catch up either face to face or via Skype to go through the changes you have made since the initial consultation. We will use this time to review your progress, adapt your macronutrients where required and, most importantly, provide support and motivation to keep you on track.

Nutrition Plans – £140

Nutrition plans are a great way to have the hard work done for you. We will work out your calorie and macronutrient targets and create your food plan to the nearest calorie. This is a bespoke service and we would require a 30-minute face-to-face or Skype consultation so we can gather all the information required to fit this around your food allergies, work patterns and lifestyle.

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