Even small changes to your nutrition reap benefits that can last a lifetime. You don’t need to eat like an Olympic athlete - we’ll find a simple plan that you can follow day in, day out



The best 60 minutes you might ever spend. We’ll take a set of simple readings to find out your levels of fat and muscle. Then we’ll chat about your mealtime (and naughty snack time) habits and set you up with a realistic sample plan that will instantly give you more energy and focus

Catch-Up Session


A 30-minute call to review your progress and give the help and encouragement needed to stay on track. Either face to face or on Skype – whatever suits you best.

Nutritional Plans


Fully personalised to meet your lifestyle and ambitions. During a 30-minute chat we’ll work out your targets and create a detailed but realistic food plan. Perfect for anyone fully committed to transforming their physical and mental health for the days, weeks and even years ahead.

“The benefits to improving your nutrition are massive. For some people the first step might just be adding veg to your meals. But once you change your attitude the advantages can last a lifetime”

Marie Barrett - cyclist, runner and personal trainer

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