Group Personal Training

Group Personal Training Sessions

If you find that classes of 40-plus people just don’t work for you, you’re not alone.

Anonymous, repetitive, downright boring - no wonder so many people find it a chore and give up, defeated and disillusioned.

This is why Mike Lindsay, Club 300’s owner, came up with a unique solution – group personal training.


  • No more than 10 members in each session. The instructors don’t just know your name, they know what makes you tick
  • Focus on strength, endurance, movement and confidence
  • You are guided on every single exercise before you start. No one feels intimidated or out of place
  • A ‘family tree’ of group sessions, branching out to meet your needs and expertise
  • Our instructors constantly make sure you lift safely and properly, helping you to get 100% benefit out of every exercise. So you get fitter and stronger, faster

Group Personal Training Sessions

Everyone starts in our Octagon Form sessions, which provide the perfect introduction to safe lifting.

Most members then move on to our high-energy Tabata, HIIT and Core sessions, working up a sweat on the way to a great figure.

The progression doesn’t end there. Our Endurance and Mix sessions are loved by members who want an even bigger challenge, and the Strength workouts bring incredible results with heavier weights.

No one else has access to this unique formula. And we know it works, because our members keep telling us.

Octagon Form

Here’s where you become a certified ‘safe lifter’. You’ll take one session, maybe more, to make sure you’re comfortable and ready to crack on with the full Octagon range

Octagon Tabata

A 30-minute high-intensity workout to get the blood pumping. Maximum effort in 20-second intervals - the ideal start to your working day

Octagon HIIT

A high-energy favourite among our highly motivated members. These sessions are proven to reduce body fat - but be prepared to work for it!

Octagon Endurance

More repetitions and longer spells without a breather. Gets you in fantastic shape and is proven to shake off stress and anxiety

Octagon Mix

The best way to continually improve your body is to keep challenging it. Our Mix sessions combine Endurance, Strength and HIIT for the ultimate buzz

Octagon Strength

Fewer repetitions and heavier weights. Strength training improves flexibility, muscle tone and posture - everything you need to look and feel more confident

Octagon Lift

Build quality, lean muscle quickly with this great strength training routine. A full-body workout that really gives you bang for your buck.

Seniors Lift

Private fitness sessions for anyone aged 60+. Expert training in small groups focusing on strength, movement and agility.

“Before joining Club 300 I wasn’t enjoying my classes or seeing results. Now I do the same amount of training but it has made a big difference to my physical and mental health. My only regret is not joining sooner”

Amy White – member since November 2017

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