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Exciting new timetable additions and Sunday opening!

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Yoga Sundays and expanding class schedule for Club 300 Perth!

Having just past the 6 months in business milestone, we asked our members to complete a survey and give us their feedback on their Club 300 experience so far.

Having spent the last couple of weeks examining all of our members’ valuable feedback, we’ve responded to your questions directly and explained below the changes we’ll be making thanks to your input! Along with adding new, specialist classes like Yoga, the Octagon Timetable sees some expansion too.

Has Club 300 met your expectations?

Out of all 44 respondents we were pleased that 44 people answered yes!

Can the Club open on Sundays?

4 of 44 respondents to the survey asked if it were likely we would open on Sundays in the future. Although we find that Saturdays are regularly quiet after midday and we remain dubious about usage of the gym on a Sunday, the good news is that we will be opening Sundays in the very near future!

More information will follow, but we hope to run a Yoga session pre-opening, with the gym being open for gym use for a 3-hour period likely to be 1100 – 1400.

Yoga will be part of our new Specialist Class schedule (see below). Given that the club is generally not busy on Saturdays after midday and to allow us to budget and offer more variety (including opening Sundays) we are going to open on Saturdays from 0800 – 1500.

Club 300 will still remain closed on Sundays for our Sunday Session community days, which are usually the last Sunday every month. Yoga – should it be popular – will still run as part of the Sunday Session.

Can more classes be added to the Octagon timetable?

In short, yes.

We are going to make some changes to the Octagon Group Training schedule but with minimal disruption to the current format, as we understand that with 100% satisfaction we don’t need to change too much.

Can a wider variety of classes be made available?

  • We are going to add in a 0700 Octagon Mix class on a Monday morning and also a 1730 Mix on Tuesday.
  • The Tuesday 1900 Endurance will now be HIIT 1900 due to the popularity of the Octagon HIIT sessions. Endurance will still be on the schedule.
  • We will be adding a midweek Garden Core session at 2000 on Wednesday night.
  • We will be adding in a Garden Form session on Saturday at 1030, which will be a 30-minute, body weight, form-focused class going over the important basics of how to hinge, push and pull with the correct technique. This will be open to members of all levels but we ask members to remember the session intensity is low and is more focused toward improving techniques than getting a sweat. Form sessions are vital so that beginners can progress and lifters with bad habits can get feedback and correction. If we happen to have a Form session with no beginners, the coach will have the opportunity at their discretion to increase the intensity with priority in Form sessions always going to beginners looking to learn and develop.
  • We will also be adding an Octagon Lift Session on Saturday at 1200, which will be a 60-minute session. This is the next best thing to Semi-Private training within your OctagonMax Membership. The Octagon Lift session will focus on compound lifts and accessory movements working under tempos to create a great time under tension workout. Working in pairs, this session will feel more like a typical gym session working through sets and reps! Octagon Lift will be a great addition and adds fantastic value to the OctagonMax & Platinum Memberships.
  • We will be adding in a ‘300 Challenge’ on Sunday at 1200 (when Sunday openings begin). The session will be our 31st Group Training session available per week, all included in the OctagonMax and Platinum memberships! This, if I don’t say so myself, is great value from a small club with currently around 150 members. Larger clubs with over 1000 members have fewer options and our group training sessions always run, even if we only have 1 person booked in!

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NEW Specialist Classes run separately by our Personal Trainers…

  • Punch Out (from Body Development) with Adam – Monday at 2000 (8 people max working in pairs)
  • PiYo with Kelsey – Tuesday at 2000 (8 people max)
  • Punch Out (from Body Development) with Adam – Thursday at 2000 (8 people max working in Pairs)
  • FIT (Focused Interval Training from Body Development) with Mike – Friday at 2000 (8 people max)
  • Yoga Flow with Iona Walker – Sunday at 1000 (12 people max)

FIT Yellow black Body Development         body development punch out copy

All of the specialist sessions, which are being run via our Personal Trainers at Club 300, will be £5 per session for members and £8 for non-members. These will be run separately from the Octagon schedule and will be available for those wanting to try something different in their training week. Platinum Members will receive 20% discount on Specialist sessions.

This will be a trial and initially as a trial, you will be able to book 4-week blocks for each class or pay as you go. Obviously, the block payment secures your place over the 4 weeks. If you miss a week then you may lose your place.

Yoga will begin from Sunday 19 June, as will regular Sunday opening hours. All other Specialist Classes will commence on 4 July. Please make your booking to secure your place either at Reception at Club 300, or via

What about offering classes for different levels of ability?

All our Group Training sessions are designed so that everyone can work as hard as they wish to. This makes all group training sessions available to everyone and allows them to work as hard as they can. If you want to make it harder for yourself, you can ask the coach for a progression, presuming you are performing the prescribed movement properly with good technique and tempo.

However, our Octagon Form classes, which are catered toward beginners and intermediate members, are generally a lower intensity class until you get on the rig. At this stage the intensity is dictated by your own conditioning and drive, and of course our coaches will push you on!  All other group-training sessions are open to the member’s understanding of intensity. Our coaches will be on hand as always to ensure they can get the most out of you and of course we ask our members to work with us to ensure you get the most out of the sessions.

How can I get feedback on my performance in class?

Please just ask your coaches for feedback. They may give you feedback after class anyway, but if you would like a more in depth response, just let us know.

We need good motivational tunes! Can we make requests?

If the gym is quieter, we are more than happy to play music of your choice. This is on a first come first played basis and obviously depends on the music choice! Again, please just ask.

During group training warm ups/cool downs, the Garden area can be busy to access for Exclusive members. How can this be improved?

We have moved things around a little bit in the Garden area, which should create more space. We will now also start to cone out the area for warm ups to ensure space is available either side of the Garden so that other gym users can still get access to equipment in this area.

Is there the option of a membership holiday when injured?

Yes. We can freeze your membership for £5 per month if you will be away for over 2 months. This saves cancelling or paying for it when you know you can’t attend.  Your membership can be activated again at any point. We can freeze the membership for a maximum of 3 months at any one time, after which point the membership will return to the normal price until we are advised otherwise.

Can we have a preacher curl bar & bench, and hand towel dispensers in the toilets?

Yes. We have one on order and you will see the new piece of kit shortly. We will also add towel dispensers in the toilets and will look to source new handles for the shower cubicles.

Can the price of the exclusive membership (Gym only) include group training sessions too to help expand the community feel?

Unfortunately, although we would love to have one membership for everyone, we have more requests from people looking for choice. By having 3 membership options, we can give our members the best price for what they want most.

If you prefer to use the gym space, the most cost effective solution is the Exclusive Membership at £39.00.

If you prefer Group Training, you have the choice of the OctagonMax membership at £40.00 per month for over 30 sessions per week. Should someone want it all then the Platinum membership at £59.00 includes everything.

We have considered having one membership for everyone at £50 which would include everything, however where this may appeal to some, others who just want gym use and or group training feel it’s too expensive.

We also have to consider that Group Training sessions are limited to 10 people per session and if all 150 current members had use of all facilities, some group training sessions may become difficult to get booked in for.

Lastly, and importantly for a small business, we have to set prices that allow us to offer value whilst also remaining within our budget. This means we can provide and maintain this facility to a high standard and pay our staff members an adequate wage for their skills and experience. It means we can continue to improve the service with which we provide our members.

We are, however, more than happy to allow all Exclusive Members to trial the group training sessions, so please just ask at reception.


Some extra information for our members requiring to cancel for any reason whether it’s illness, moving away or lack of usage.

When joining the club we try to highlight the small print to ensure we are upfront and honest with all our customers. Transparency is important for the long-term success of any small business. All our memberships have a minimum 2 month contract only and then run month to month as we don’t want to tie anyone in to a membership they don’t want to keep or possibly can’t afford to keep due to financial changes and personal circumstances. We think that is a fair approach and one we’ve always thought all gyms should adopt.

However, we also require all cancelations to be carried out at the club or in writing with one months notice so we can cancel the direct debit at our end. Should customers not provide us with one months notice and cancel the direct debit at their bank, our membership system provider who deals with our direct debit payments will pass it straight on to a debt collection agency when the payment is rejected.

We have no authority over this and of course don’t want any of our members to receive letters like this, so please, if you do look to cancel in the future (unlikely, I know!) then please just email us or pop in to the club so we can handle the administration process.

Thank you for some of the following comments too…

How do you change perfection? Keep up the great work!

Exceeded expectations – wouldn’t change a thing!

The staff are all fantastic and all have their own way of teaching which is fantastic for a different approach to the session every time!

I feel a great sense of community at Club 300. This is completely down to the staff and rapport with the customers.

Yes, best Gym I have been a member of!

Overall, yes, Club 300 has met my expectations. Since moving here from another gym membership, I have seen significant improvements in my fitness levels. I am particularly impressed with the key focus always of concentrating on correct technique. Too many times in the past I have picked up injuries unnecessarily due to lack of adequate supervision as a result of too high instructor/student ratio.

Good club and it’s clear you’re trying hard to be different and modern!

Hell yes!

Yes, by far exceeded it [expectations] tbh

Good vibe and community feel!

Of course there is always one or two wisecracks! If you can guess who said these then you will win FREE Nespresso for 1 week!

Nudity, I think that there should be more nudity 🙂 An honest answer would be not too much, I do think the class format is great.

We particularly liked this one…

The staff could be clean shaven to promote a better level of personal hygiene in its members.


Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to fill out the survey. We hope you are happy with the changes we are making which of course are based on the feedback received and also what is achievable for the business to provide. We look forward to the new equipment and Group Training schedule going live!