Club 300 - Gym and Personal Training

It’s been a long time coming…


 Perth’s newest Gym & Personal Training Studio is now open for business!

Club 300 is two weeks new and a big thank you!

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It really has been an exciting yet tiring 2 weeks since we opened the doors at Club 300 in Perth. 85 hours each week has been something I never expected to do again once I became a PT! One of the big bonuses for many aspiring PTs is the great lifestyle that comes with the job title. Well… like most people’s employment, it’s not ever quite as easy as it might appear! 😀

I must admit, however, that it’s all my own doing. When I first started in the industry I enjoyed the extra hours I had to myself in the week, skipping the usual commute to work I was used to. I enjoyed seeing clients achieving goals they had always wanted to achieve and I got a real taste for helping others organise and prioritise what was important for them from a lifestyle point of view, but at the same time, directing them on what was achievable for the time and commitment they had.

With this newfound excitement and passion, I grasped it with both hands and referrals from happy customers started to roll in. In no time, my hours with personal training had reached a point where I was working full time again and struggling to keep up with clients’ needs and fit them all in each week. It was time to bring in someone else. Ed Connaghan came on board and has been a great asset to the business. I am due a huge thank you to him for his support and positive attitude. For such a young guy his focus and commitment is commendable.

So, that was that. The journey from 50 hours per week as an employee to 10 hours per week in my self employed infancy and back to 85 hours was complete. I opened my own gym! For me, this was the next progressive step to take. Ed’s hours and my own had started to build up again and it was time to create an environment that we felt suited our current clients, future clients and members in the best possible way. Not only that but it must be everyone’s dream to have their own gym and design it exactly how they want it!


It’s been a long time coming… I really should have said a few official thank you’s before now. The problem with a thank you list is the fear of missing someone out, so I’m going to name a few local businesses that certainly deserve a mention and hopefully you can bear them in mind if you require any work done yourself in the future. (You can use this as my personal recommendation!)

Anytime Leisure and in particular Dugald MacGregor who really helped with his enthusiasm for the project; in which he told me was very exciting due to its innovative approach. Dugald and the team put together some great virtual graphics and this went back and forward for months, as well as providing most of the equipment on the gym floor. Thanks for your patience!

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My good friend David Simpson from Sidlaw Steel who helped do this. Not as fun as it looks, I have his word on this!


Macdonald/Chan Joinery had a part to play in most parts of the club’s development, and had to put up with numerous phone calls and enquiries along with a good bit of unsuccessful haggling for helping take the development on stage by stage.


IMG_6268 IMG_6705 (1)

IMG_6320 (2) IMG_6562 (8)

IMG_6249 IMG_6646


Glenearn Flooring provided and fitted all our carpets, safety flooring and specialist gym flooring including our artificial grass on site. What a great job and service from Jane Ewing (Murray) and James at the store as well as the guys laying the floor who were all very professional. Thank you all.

Escape Fitness supplied the fantastic Octagon rig. From the start I knew this is what was required. Its design is overly engineered; something that our clients and members have loved so far and what attracted me to it initially. Beyond the aesthetics, it impressively walks the walk when it comes to a training session, which cost only £40 per month for unlimited group sessions! Justine from Escape was always on hand to provide support from the very start back in February 2015 when I was first making enquiries.


BM Electrical – Brad McKerchar who had just recently gone self employed in Perth, offered me everything I was looking for for the job at hand and had no qualms about taking on such a big project. Quick with quotations, friendly and efficient throughout, Brad was always willing to pop in to ensure the project was going to plan and on time. Very much appreciated. Thank you!


PH Heating Solutions – Paddy came in on the project slightly later as most of the plumbing work was needing done at the mid point of the project. Having recently moved down to Perth from Orkney and moving his business here, it won’t be long until he is booked out. Again always on hand working long hours to ensure the job was complete on time! Highly recommended.


Crighton & Son Painters and Decorators – Philip and Graeme created a fantastic finish and it really brought the place to life. From the reception and changing rooms right through to the gym area, the job was finished to a fantastic  standard. The quote was straightforward and delivered with confidence. With Philip being a Personal Training client of ours, we already knew the high standard to expect and we were convinced we had the right people for the job thanks to their professional approach.


T’Go Creative – Gary Paterson and Graham Ferguson have been on hand to assist with all of our marketing and printing needs. We started off with branding, ensuring our logo was modern and could stand out over time. Sometimes just getting other professional opinions can let you see things you have missed or not even considered. Once the logo was agreed, we quickly developed our whole brand and marketing material around this. Obviously our website was T’Go’s biggest task. It’s turned out fantastic and is an extremely interactive platform for our members and those who are curious to learn more about us. The private members area of the website is where our Octagon Group Training members can book and cancel sessions with the click of a button and see how many are attending the same class which are restricted to 10 people maximum.

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I really wanted to write this blog to say thanks to all the businesses that helped with the major developments and I hope I haven’t missed anyone out! On that note, I also wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who has shown their support for Club 300 and for me since setting up as a full time freelance PT 3 years ago. Here’s a cliche – if it wasn’t for my clients …. but it’s true! So a huge thank you to all of my clients, past and present. I could go on forever thanking individuals but I’m sure you all know who you are.

The one thing which has surprised me most is the support and well wishes I’ve received from many people I don’t even know all that well, going out of their way to help open this gym space. One man in particular is my architect (who will remain anonymous!) for generously offering his time, asking in return for nothing more than a gesture compared to what the fees could have cost. It’s people like this who have opened my eyes to real generosity, especially when they are not your closest acquaintances.

So, it wouldn’t be a blog without a little finale to let you know how you can join! It’s really easy –  you can do so online at or at the club in person. You can contact us through the Club 300 website, Facebook, Twitter or by phone to arrange a quick tour of the space and to learn a bit more about our ethos.

Join the movement…

Until next time!

Mike Lindsay

Club 300