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Steve Cairns

Progress and Lifestyle change for SteveSteveCairns testimonial

I have been training with Mike for around 5 months now. I was never seriously over-weight, but definitely felt fat and totally unfit. I joined the local gym after catching a reflection of myself in a changing room mirror one day. I couldn’t believe how much weight I had put on and decided that I needed to do something about it. Generally my lifestyle was poor, drinking every weekend, eating nothing but unhealthy food and not taking care of myself. I occasionally visited the gym over the course of a few months, but I was seriously lacking confidence and motivation as I find treadmills and cross trainers pretty boring.

I had no idea where to go and no knowledge of what I should be doing in the diet area.

I saw a testimonial online for one of Mike’s other clients and everything was positive, especially the results. I decided to go ahead and drop Mike a message to see my options.

Recently I ran the Edinburgh Survival of the Fittest race and completed it in a time I would never of dreamed of and I only have Mike and his training to thank for that.

We still have work to do on my size, but for 5 months I am more than chuffed with what I have achieved so far.

The initial consultation was very professional and Mike managed to give me a positive mind with regards to my goals. All I wanted was to lose weight, gain muscle and be the fittest I have ever been.

Mike came up with a programme to suit my goals, which he has changes throughout my training to match my progress. The sessions have been hard, but with great advice and encouragement from Mike I am now able to deadlift, squat and even run 10K up hills. These are things I would never have seen myself doing 6 months ago. I am now actually enjoying the healthy eating and hard weight sessions. I have lost a stone and dropped 4 inches round my waist and I am eating more calories in a day than i ever have.

Rating for miklindsaypt – 5/5