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Roxanne Tabourel

Roxy’s hard work and commitment pays off!Roxanne tabourel testimonial 3

Before training with Mike, I had this idea, like many other girls, that lifting weights would make me bigger. Additionally, my idea of healthy eating was avoiding carbs, red meat, dairy and living off salads and fish.

I found myself tired most days and not wanting to do much exercise, so it became a bad habit to skip the gym.

After seeing myself in photos before summer, I realised it was time to get some guidance and so I knew Mike would be perfect.

In the 8 week os training with him, I have seen my body shape changes and my energy levels pick up.

I was training with him approximately twice a week and additional going to the classes he took at the gym, because I find that varying your workouts, keeps things fun and interesting.

Not only did Mike train me in the gym but he mentored me throughout, giving me nutritional tips on what to eat and at what times.

This opened my eyes a lot, as I had a preconceived idea about good and bad foods.

Since the time of my weigh in and after my last session with Mike, my weight increased by 3kg, however I saw my metabolic age fall from 27 to 12, my fat content dropped and my muscle mass improved by quite a substantial amount.

I initially wanted to lose weight, however, I now understand that looking at the scales isn’t necessarily the best way to measure yourself, as despite my weight increasing, I feel my whole body shape had changed for the better.

I couldn’t be happier with the results in such a short space of time.

Mike has honestly been an incredible mentor and trainer throughout. He truly cares about each one of his clients and it clearly shows in the end results his clients have.

December 2013

Weight – 145.5lbs
Body fat – 26%
Muscle – 99.9lbs
Visceral fat – 2

August 2014

Weight – 148lbs
Body fat – 21.9%
Muscle – 109.7lbs
Visceral fat – 1

Rating for miklindsaypt – 5/5