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Nadine Sabbagh

24 lbs LOST – only the beginning!Nadine Sabbagh testimonial landscape-2

“At first I was really sceptical of personal training – I wasn’t in the right mindset to lose weight and I’d somehow agreed to let my sister sign me up for a block of PT with Mike. I waddled along to my first session absolutely terrified of exercise/the gym – but after my first meeting with Mike he completely put me at ease with everything.

He was very professional during my initial meeting, and very non-judgemental of my terrible lifestyle! He started off by sorting out my nutrition, which made such a huge difference to my energy levels and my mood, as well as my sleeping pattern! I was dropping weight easily, roughly 2 lbs per week, by simply sticking to the nutri- tional goals he had set me. Mike was very conscious of how unfit I was, and I appreciated that he eased me gently into the exercise aspect. My fitness increased quickly, and Mike tailored my exercise program to reflect this increase. He certainly doesn’t go easy on you, but he never makes you do anything that you’re incapable of doing! Despite a lot of whining and ‘I can’t’s’ on my part, Mike knew that I COULD, and made sure that I put in the effort.

So far, I have had 2 blocks of PT with Mike and I will certainly be going back for more in the future! The sessions are challenging, but fun, and I always leave the gym feeling like I have had a great workout. Plus Mike is very easy to get along with!

I lost almost 2 stone during the time I was train- ing with Mike, which I know I would not have been able to do had he not given me all the excellent information regarding nutrition and fitness.

I am now fitter, stronger and slimmer and I feel great. I used to believe that I’d never lose the weight and I’d be stuck miserable and obese forever. I still have a lot of weight to lose, but with Mike’s guidance I know that I am able to finish this journey and finally be the person I want to be. I would thoroughly recommend MLPT, even if you are a gym-o-phobe like I used to be… you won’t regret it!”

Rating for miklindsaypt – 5/5