Club 300 - Gym and Personal Training

Maurice Ryan

40lbs LOST in 6 MONTHS…well done Maurice!Maurice Ryan testimonial print-1

Very pleased with the personal training services provided by Ed and Mike. Using their services over a period of 6/7 months I ended up losing 40lbs.

It was their whole approach that I liked. Mike looked mainly at the nutrional side and helped me make some changes, as well as taking a few of the training sessions. That left Ed the weekly training sessions and keeping me motivated which he did well.

I would recommend Mike and Ed to anyone who is serious about getting fit and willing to listen and follow what they are suggesting.

October 2014

Weight – 216lbs
Body fat – 32.9%
Visceral fat – 14

May 2015

Weight – 176lbs
Body fat – 21.8%
Visceral fat – 7

Rating for mikelindsaypt – 5/5