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Matthew Logan

Fat loss, muscle gain – extra energy for Matt Logan!

Matthew Logan testimonial-1I first started training 11 months ago. I wanted to change my lifestyle, so I introduced myself to Mike and asked him for some nutrition advice to help me lose weight. I told him that my goal was to lose body fat and put on lean muscle. With monthly nutrition consultations and weigh-ins to keep me on track, I was able to put his advice into practice to achieve my goals whilst doing my own training.

When I first started with Mike, I weighed 202lbs. In the space of 6 months I lost 37.5lbs and went from a 36 inch waist to a 30 inch waist. My body fat has dropped from 26.7% to 9.2% and I’ve gained 14lbs of muscle.

Thanks to ongoing support and consultations, and sticking to my own training plan, my stats have been getting better and better each month. I’m feeling in great shape and feeling healthier, with more energy than ever before.

April 2013Matthew Logan testimonial-2

Weight – 202.6lbs
Body fat – 26.7%
Muscle – 141lbs
Visceral fat – 9

December 2013

Weight – 172.7lbs
Body fat – 13.3%
Muscle – 142.2lbs
Visceral fat – 3

April 2014

Weight – 182.1
Body fat – 9.2%
Visceral fat – 2

Matt’s Stats

Protein – 180gs
Carbs – 250g
Fats – 65g

Rating for mikelindsaypt – 5/5