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Lily Reid

Girls Who Lift!Lily-Reid-Testimonial

In January 2014 I decided I needed to put on weight as I was far too skinny being only 6t9. Everywhere I want people commented on how skinny I was and would tell me to eat McDonald’s. Little did they know, I ate McDonald’s all the damn time.

So I started eating more food (not just McDonald’s) as I know I hardly ate a thing and would often miss meals. I managed to put on some weight by myself but then I came to a hump in my plan to be curvy, I had no idea how to use any equipment in the gym, as I had never been to a gym in my life. I alsoLily-Reid-Testimonial 4 knew I was eating more and I was a bit nervous that i might become hugely fat and enormous with a flabby over hanging belly and needed to make sure I maintained a healthy looking figure to attract babes!

So I was talking to my sister Kirsty, who is a super fitness freak and my mummy who is just beautiful. Both of them recommended Mike Lindsay as both had trained with him previously. So, I thought okay, let’s try and get that beach bod all the girls crave.

I started training with Mike in March 2014 and he was dead funny and made me feel pretty comfy even though I was basically a stick insect in clothes. I told Mike I wanted to be like Jodie Marsh because she’s absolutely awesome and cares about people who are less fortunate by doing anti bullying campaigns. She is well brave too for going on stage to compete when she had only just started.

So Mike told me first off, to change my diet from soup, cream cakes and McDonald’s to protein and carbs and heaps of water. I was cool with this and ate as much food as he told me to, as I do love a good munch like.

So we started training and the big man had me doing heaps of varieties of activities each time I saw him, which was once a week for 6 months. I soon got pretty much obsessed with the gym and Mike said it would be a good goal to go on a fitness holiday so I thought to myself, there’s no use saying no and living life negatively. So I said yes why the heck not.

I started doing well good and squatting heaps like it was nothing. Starting off squatting 22.5kg which is pretty poor. I must’ve basically had a pancake for a bum. But now, ladies and gentlebugs, I can squat 70kg like a damn boss. And it’s all thanks to big Mike Lindsay for changing my life-style for the better. He’s a dude of all proportions. Never underestimate the power of MLRT classes either, them make sweat like a dug on heat.

Also, the holidays are fantastic, I never thought I would ever be good at a sport but Mike is such a good coach that I became the champion of volleyball and got like a million points in a row or something. It doesn’t matter that I probably fell more times than I scored but Mike loves a trier!!! I can now say I AM A MACHINE!

Thank you and good night!

Rating for mikelindsaypt – 5/5