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Karleen Scrim

Minimum weight change – optimal body change for Karleen!Karleen Scrim testimonial1-1

I started training with Mike in May last year to tone up before a 3 week trip to Thailand. I was impressed to see results in just a couple of weeks thanks to a few sessions with Mike and following his nutritional advice. I also discovered I really enjoyed training, and decided to keep it up when I came back from Thailand.

I hoped to increase my strength and see more definition around my core, arms and legs, and just to improve my health and fitness overall. I found each session challenging and fun. Mike is really professional and a good motivator. He makes you work hard and always seems to know you’re capable of more than you think you are!

During the months I trained with Mike, I dropped from a size 10 to a size 8. Though my weight has remained almost the same, I’m healthier and stronger than I have ever been. I’ve lost 4% body fat and increased my muscle mass by 3.1lbs. I used to have a lot of pain and issues with my hip joint, but due to my increased strength, this has more or less gone.

I still really enjoy training and now have the knowledge to continue improving my strength and fitness, and still go to Mike’s classes once or twice a week as well.

If anyone is looking to make some changes to their lifestyle, I would highly recommend MLPT!

Karleen Scrim testimonial1-2February 2013

Weight – 130.7lbs
Body Fat – 23.7%
Muscle – 94.7
Waist – 80cm

October 2013

Weight – 129.5lbs
Body Fat – 21.8%
Muscle – 96.1
Waist – 72cm

February 2014

Weight – 128.5lbs
Body Fat – 19.8%
Muscle – 97.8
Waist – 68cm

Karleen’s Nutrition

Protein – 11g
Carbs – 280g
Fats – 56g

Rating for mikelindsaypt – 5/5