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Fraser Wallace

Muscle ups for BreakfastFraser Wallace testimonial

I’ve been training with Mike for around four months now. I’ve always been positive about the idea of getting fit, going as far as playing shinty for the local team; but I’d applied myself enough to really see the gains I wanted to.

When I started with Mike, I wanted to gain muscle, stay lean and improve my cardio. I’m now approaching 12 stone, and I haven’t put on anything but lean muscle. Most importantly, my cardio has improved massively.

Mike’s encouragement is really useful. Seeing him once a week means I don’t sit back – going regularly has really taught me the benefits of proper motivation and taking time to get each exercise right. I’m less frenetic about the exercise I do now, and as a result go for much longer.

Mike’s been able to push me hard, and I’ve moved from feeling tired after a session to feeling exhausted after a session; but at least now I have the satisfaction of really feeling I have achieved something – with Mike I’m noticing the amount I lift has gone up substantially, and I can now squat, bench press, deadlift – you name it – set after set.

Mike’s a really positive guy and I’d tell anyone who was interested in improving their fitness to try out a session with him.

Rating for mikelindsaypt – 5/5