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Dean Drew

Advanced nutrition leans out Dean Drew!Dean Drew testimonial-1

After 2 years of hard training, my strength was always improving but my physique stayed the same. It occurred to me that I may not be eat- ing the right things in order to get the results I wanted, so I decided to ask Mike for his advice. Mike designed me an Advanced 7 day Nutrition plan that would help decrease my body fat and improve muscle definition. During the Nutrition consultation I had my Body Fat % and Muscle weight taken so we could see the progression over time. My Body Fat at this stage was 16.4% and Muscle weight 134.5lbs with total weight being 169.3lbs!

I followed Mike’s nutrition plan religiously and after 8 weeks I began to see improvements in not only my appearance, but my energy levels and overall fitness. I was less tired during the day and always had plenty of energy for the gym at night.

Now, after 9 months I’m in the best physical shape of my life decreasing my Body Fat % by 5.2%, increasing my Muscle weight by 18lbs with my overall weight increased 180.7lbs! Thanks to Mike and the Nutrition Plan, I now have the knowledge to maintain what I’ve achieved.

Dean Drew testimonial-2July 2013

Weight – 169.3lbs
Body fat – 16.4%
Muscle: 134.5lbs
Metabolic age – 21
Visceral Fat – 3

March 2014

Weight – 180lbs
Body fat – 11.2%
Muscle – 152.5lbs
Metabolic age – 12
Visceral Fat – 3

Dean’s Nutrition

Protein – 164g
Carbs – 410g
Fats – 85g

Rating for mikelindsaypt – 5/5