Club 300 - Gym and Personal Training

Clare Smith

Clare’s goals was to add shape to her body. She did just that, getting many compliments on her new shape!

Clare Smith testimonial for webMy first experience of using gyms wasn’t very pleasant. A trainer took me for an induction proceeded to tell me how silly I looked while doing the exercises. I never went back there and my confidence in the gym was at an all time low. I still had the desire to train but had no idea how to use gym equipment and was terrified of looking stupid using it.

A friend recommended Mike and I began training with him in December 2013. My first session in the gym I was really never but Mike was very patient and put me at ease. My goals were unlike most peoples in that I wasn’t looking to lose weight but instead put it on and increase my muscle to improve my shape. Mike advised me on my nutrition and set me a plan for the gym. I trained once a week with Mike and took part in his classes.

Mike’s passion and knowledge meant that I enjoyed every session and was shocked at how fast I progressed and met my goals. Having struggled to do one push up I can now do 20. As my fitness improved I changed my goals and Mike adapted my plan to meet them. It was never boring and he would often introduce me to new equipment in the gym.

6 months on I am able to train in the gym 4 times a week with confidence. I would highly recommend mike for anyone starting out in their fitness journey or those just looking to change their gym routine.

Claire’s Stats

Kcals – 1973
Protein – 106g
Carbs – 264g
Fats – 54g

December 2013

Weight – 110lbs
Body Fat – 20.3%
Muscle – 83.9lbs

April 2014

Weight – 116.6lbs
Body Fat – 19.2%
Muscle – 89.4lbs