Club 300 - Gym and Personal Training

Callum Clifford

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I play football for St Johnstone FC u14’s. I’m wee for my age and have never been quick. My coaches said that I was being bullied by the opponents because I lacked strength and pace. My parents thought it might be a good idea to hire Mike to try and build my strength and speed me up. Mike has been fantastic.

At first we concentrated on increasing my speed. We trained twice a week in the park and Mike taught me how to run better and more efficiently. During these sessions we also did a little strength work using all the park furniture and kids playground stuff etc. Once it got too dark to work outside we went into the gym. My strength work increased. I found it easier to knock the opponents off the ball, I could cover the ground on the pitch quicker and my game has improved because of this.

All the sessions were varied and never boring, I always finished with a smile on my face thinking I’d achieved something. I had one to one sessions with Mike from September 2012 until February 2013 and I now take Mikes group lessons once a week to keep my fitness up. What do I think of Mike?? He’s the bee’s knee’s and I cannot recommend him enough. Mike’s knowledge is first rate, his classes are never boring and we always finished with a smile on our faces, what more can I say.

Rating for miklindsaypt – 5/5