12 Week Transformation Perth

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12 week weight loss success for Club 300 members!

Four members of Perth’s Club 300 Exclusive Gym and Personal Training Studio completed the popular ’12 Week Transformation’ fat loss programme!

What a great 12 weeks it has been helping 4 of our members transform every aspect of their lifestyle, to help create better balance not just for aesthetics but for health. At Club 300 we really try to persuade our clients not to fall for fad diets, shake diets, quick fixes and any other diet that comes with a marketing name behind it! Instead we work with our clients to get their ‘learn’ on and start to understand food groups, calories, macronutrients, energy expenditure and the importance of balance and sustainability.

The outcome (below) and the future success is down to them… of course we will always be on hand to motivate and provide accountability through our group training memberships and personal training services but with the nutritional knowledge, and understanding what they are capable of in the gym they now have full control of their health for life.

Graeme, Nicky, Gayle and Caroline all started the 12 week plan with different levels of experience, different expectations and you could say in some cases different cooking skills!

The testimonials will follow to their experience, but for now you can see the fantastic results!

Graeme Bacchus Side!

12 Week Transform Front!

12 Week Transform Back!








Graeme Bacchus 12 week transform!

Graeme lost an incredible 28.3lbs in total which was 7.5% body fat and a total of 26cm from his chest, waist and hips!

Nicky Ramsay Side!

Nicky Ramsay Front!

Nicky Ramsay Back!

Nicky Ramsay 12 week transform!

Nicky lost an amazing 17lbs which was 4% body fat and a total of 20cm from her chest, waist and hips! Nicky also enjoyed a 2 week All Inclusive holiday during the process!

Gayle Crancher Side!

Gayle Crancher Side!

Gayle Crancher 12 week transform!

Gayle Crancher lost a solid 13lbs which was 4.5% body fat and a total of 15cm from the chest, waist and hips! Working shifts and a feeling weight loss would be near impossible due to an under active thyroid this is a great result and goes to show that it can be done with proper planning. Gayle also used an app to track her resting heart rate and this also dropped from 62 to 53!

Caroline Coyle 12 week transform!

Caroline Coyle started the 12 week transformation with one goal in mind… to fit in to her pink skirt again! We were happy to see her achieve that goal at the photoshoot! Being new to all aspects of weight training and cooking not being her favourite thing to do the 12 weeks was always going to be a challenge physically and mentally. Caroline had amazing strength and her techniques improved immensely throughout the plan, Caroline also lost 6lbs which was 1.5% body fat and a total of 9cm from her chest, waist and hips!

12 week group start to finish!

If you would like to join the next 12 Week Transformation or get involved with the club and any of our packages or memberships please just email Club 300 … don’t delay we are nearly at our 300 member cap!


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