Group Personal Training Sessions

Octagon Training

Our Octagon Group Training sessions hold a maximum of 10 people per session. Once the spaces are gone they’re gone, so booking in or checking availability online couldn’t be easier. You can also cancel your booking online, giving someone else the chance to snap up your space!

All members participating in Octagon Group Training are required to attend Octagon Form classes until they are certified as ‘safe lifters’.

It could be that the more experienced trainers need to attend just one class before they are signed off and can move on to the Octagon Strength, Endurance, HIIT and Mix classes.

For beginners, Octagon Form is the perfect place to get you started and build your confidence.

The Form classes allow coaches to assess your technique, ensuring you participate safely and can enjoy each session to the max!

Time / DayMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturdaySunday
06:30Octagon Tabata (30mins)Octagon HIIT (30mins)Octagon Tabata (30mins)Octagon HIIT (30mins)Octagon Tabata (30mins)
07:00 Octagon Mix (45mins)Octagon Endurance (45mins)Octagon Mix (45mins)Octagon Strength (45mins)Octagon HIIT (30mins)
08:00Octagon Mix
09:15Octagon Mix (60mins)
09:30Octagon Endurance (60mins) Octagon Form (60mins) Octagon Strength (60mins) Octagon HIIT & Core (60mins)
11:00Octagon Mix (60mins)
12:00Octagon Lift (60mins)
12.30Octagon Tabata (30mins)
15:00Octagon Strength (60mins) Octagon HIIT & Core (60mins) Octagon Endurance (60mins) Octagon Form (60mins)
17:30Octagon HIIT (30mins)Octagon Mix (45mins)Octagon Endurance (45mins)Octagon Form (45mins)Octagon Strength (45mins)
18:15Octagon Mix (45mins)
18:30Octagon Endurance (45mins)Octagon Strength (45mins)Octagon Endurance (45mins)
19:15Octagon Strength (45mins)Octagon Mix (45mins)
19:30Octagon HIIT (30mins)Octagon Form (45mins)

Session Information



Garden Core

Core strength is vitally important to both a healthy lifestyle and a safe and injury free training routine. Taking place in the ‘Garden’ area of the club, Garden Core is a 30 minute session to get those abs working and teach you how to engage your core. This will encourage good posture and safe lifting both in the gym and in daily life.

Octagon Tabata

A 30 minute high intensity workout to get the blood pumping! Maximum effort in 20 second intervals incorporating bodyweight movements and a few of your favourite Octagon stations will mean that 30 minutes will be more than enough! An ideal lunchtime workout. Continue Reading

Octagon Form

Get certified a ‘safe lifter’ in our Octagon Form classes! Everyone will complete at least one Form class so we can ensure you have mastered the technique before moving you on to our full Octagon timetable. We’ll run through some of the basic movements that will feature in Octagon classes such as squats, deadlifts and… Continue Reading

Octagon Mix

To see continued changes in your body, you need to keep challenging it, and the Mix class does just that. The class is a combination of everything we teach in the Endurance, Strength and HIIT classes for the days that you want to try a bit of everything! Continue Reading

Octagon Strength

Muscular strength improves performance in all walks of life. Octagon Strength focuses on lower reps with heavier weights using more force! As we’ll be lifting heavier weights in this class, good form is essential to prevent injury. Strength training benefits include increased muscle, tendon and ligament strength, bone density, flexibility, tone, metabolic rate and postural… Continue Reading

Octagon Endurance

Endurance is your body’s ability to keep pushing through and ‘feel the burn’! Octagon Endurance focuses on high repetitions and an increased time under tension. Including a variety of functional movements this workout will be a favourite with our members who like a sweat! Improving endurance through physical activity has shown to decrease anxiety, depression… Continue Reading

Octagon HIIT

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a favourite for those members who are highly motivated! There is no specific formula to HIIT as it depends on individual levels of fitness and, more specifically, anaerobic fitness. Our HIIT classes will vary with our coaches ensuring you are working to an intensity that works for you. Studies… Continue Reading

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